Top 6 Rattan Chairs For All Occasion

Rattan is a wondrously sustainable material due to its rapid renewability and easy-to-harvest properties. We particularly love rattan because it offers an abundance of versatility and elegant style characterized, by its natural texture.

All of our rattan furniture is produced with longevity in mind, handcrafted to live with you for a lifetime. Investing in one of our pieces will save you the hassle of having to pay the repeated price of short-lived furniture. We promise that your purchase from Mojo Boutique will make a lifelong investment.

Here at Mojo Boutique, we have a series of luxurious, rattan chairs consciously handcrafted to fit to uphold a bohemian, purist aesthetic that will seamlessly fit into your home style.

All of our items have been ethically created using eco-friendly materials, and employing conscious practices to ensure you receive a high-grade piece of furniture. Discover more about our passion for eco-consumerism here.

We have curated our top 6 rattan chairs suited to various wonderful occasions, available to shop and pre-order on our site.

  1. Mascha - Lounge Chair

    Mascha is a playful, quirky bohemian piece part of our stunning collection of artisanal chairs. The eccentric structure of this lounge chair makes it a bold statement piece that will harmoniously pair with any corner table. Mascha is a highly durable piece that can also be placed outside to accompany your patio furniture.

  2. Alida - Dining Chair

    One of our most breathtaking rattan lounge chairs, Alida is ideal for dining, designed to invite friends and family to gather for a nourishing, wholesome meal. Vintage design heavily inspired the creation of this piece, offering a rustic, homely finish and will certainly wow your guests at a dinner party.

  3. Matilda - Relaxing Papasan Chair

    Matilda is a truly dreamy piece designed to cocoon you with warmth and evoke tranquillity. This chair embodies a Papasan design, intended to alleviate physical and emotional tension. Matilda will delightfully accompany Hector, our classically handmade coffee table.

    You may style Matilda both indoors and outdoors, alongside your patio furniture (we love to keep her by the fireplace for those cozy winter nights).

  4. Santai - Lounge Chair

    Santai encapsulates the sophisticated style of mid-century design, while delicately embracing the organic essence of bohemianism. The Santai would make a fanciful accent piece to adorn the foyer of your home.

  5. Frida - Lounge Chair

    Combining retro with contemporary design, our Frida makes a charming lounge chair for any occasion. For a classy look, style her with one of our dressing tables to help you prepare for your day with positivity and comfort.

  6. Sunny Days Chair (Set Of 2 Pieces)

    This endearing two-piece set is designed to illuminate your living space with radiance and grace. They make the perfect seating arrangement for special moments, allowing you to enjoy an intimate catch-up with your dearest friends. We have given our Sunny Days set a kind, reasonable price as this timeless piece comes as a pair.

What Can You Pair Your Rattan Chair With?

The magnificent thing about rattan is that it can comfortably fit into any space, no matter the style. If you are looking for something to accompany your rattan chair, and further elevate your space, we highly recommend you explore the other furniture we have available across our online shop.

We have designed every single one of our outdoor items to gently embrace the ambience of mother nature, making all pieces gorgeous patio decor. Ella is a stunning rattan coffee table, that can withstand many weather conditions, providing everlasting comfort that will partner well with any of our chairs.

If you are in search of indoor items to pair with your rattan chair, you may discover our Natura coffee table. These pieces make both practical and stylish home accessories. Available in two sizes, this item can be suited to fit any of your interior ideas.

We additionally have a rich abundance of handmade coffee tables that have each been crafted to gracefully amplify your lounge area.

Perhaps you wish to accompany your rattan chairs with a new surface to share a heartfelt meal with loved ones. We have formed our collection of dining furniture to enlighten your dining experience by encouraging positive energy to flow, so you may create magical memories over a shared meal with family.

Our dining tables will marry beautifully with any rattan chair of your choosing.

Shop Our Full Collection

We hope this article has provided you with some inspiring ideas, that will help you to revamp your living space and enhance the interior of your home. We kindly invite you to shop our full range of eco-conscious furniture, we are confident you won't be disappointed with the results! handmade-to-ship.

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