What Are The Best Materials For A Sustainable Coffee Table?

Coffee tables/side tables are magnificent furniture pieces. They double up as being both convenient and attractive, allowing you to enjoy your lounger area in style. If you are a conscious consumer, looking for the perfect coffee table then be sure to keep reading.

This article has been mindfully constructed to break down all the important details to help you discover a sustainable coffee table. From 'what sustainability is', to 'the very best eco-friendly materials', we have pinpointed all the essential information to aid your search.

What Does 'Sustainable' Mean And Why Is It So Important?

Sustainability is the act of utilizing eco-friendly practices in order to reduce CO2 and support the livelihood of people, who work hard to craft our items. Opting for sustainable small businesses (such as a family owned factory), rather than mass-manufacturers can offer a multitude of benefits including:

  • Supporting your local economy

  • Ethical supply chain - ensuring your money is being fairly distributed

  • Reduced carbon footprint

The fast furniture industry amounts to millions of tonnes of waste produced and carbon emissions. With global warming rising at a concerning rate, our planet needs us more than ever to start reducing how much society pollutes our environment.

Creating a better planet involves making conscious decisions and adjustments to our daily lives. Buying furniture, such as a side table, from sustainable brands is a wonderful step in the right direction.

How Our Independent Boutique Upholds Sustainability

At Mojo Boutique, we are passionately devoted to saving our planet, and restoring the beauty of Mother Nature. Our ethos marries the preservation of our natural world with the sensational art of home furniture. We are big advocates of conscious consumerism, and subsequently adhere to sustainable practices throughout every stage of production.

We understand that there are certain actions our boutique makes which contribute toward CO2 emissions, such transporting our pieces to your home. To mitigate our environmental impact, we have partnered with South Pole and launched several exciting carbon offsetting projects. Find out more about our sustainability here.

The Benefits Of Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials provide a rich variety benefits when crafted into furniture. Buying a side table that has been made out eco-friendly materials doesn't only help to keep our planet clean, but also our home environments. Most sustainable brands will sell items that do not contain any toxic chemicals.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are frequently used by companies who manufacture furniture. Because these compounds are present in nature, many establishments will market their items as 'natural'. However, this does not mean it is safe, nor does it promise a low impact on our Earth's environment.

VOCs are proven to being harmful to our health (and even have carcinogenic properties) as they gradually pollute our homes with toxins. It is always important to check the product description of any item you are considering, to see whether it contains any harmful pollutants.

At Mojo Boutique, we are committed to exclusively using responsibly sourced materials, such as reclaimed wood and sustainable rattan, in line with our eco-conscious promise to ensure you receive a genuinely organic item.

We never use VOCs or any dangerous chemicals for that matter. Instead, we use pure coconut oil which is 100% non toxic to give our pieces a luminous glow that you may safely enjoy.

Sustainable Materials That Make Wonderful Coffee Tables

Now that you fully understand the importance and benefits of sustainable materials, it is time you familiarize yourself with some of the best eco-friendly, organic materials that Mother Nature has to offer! Here are 4 specific materials that make stunning coffee tables:

Sustainable Hardwood

Hardwood is amongst the most common materials used to make coffee tables. The rustic aesthetic of wooden furniture can transform a space into a warming haven. If you are choosing to opt for sustainable hardwood, but don't what to search, fear not! Here are a few types of sustainable hardwood to help narrow your search:

  • FSC Certified Wood: Choosing certified wood means that you are purchasing an item that has been responsibly grown and harvested.

  • Upcycled And Recycled Wood: By supporting a brand that uses repurposed wood, you will be helping to keep resources in rotation. This makes a positive impact on our climate by importantly ensuring that landfill waste is minimized.

    Like all of our other materials, here at Mojo Boutique, we only use sustainable wood when crafting our unique items. Our coffee tables are designed using upcycled and recycled teak wood in order to prevent unnecessary waste and avoid cutting down trees.

    Our gifted craftspeople delicately strip away any coatings and paints that may contain harmful chemicals, and fix any minute flaws from the woods previous life (such as filling nail holes) to ensure every piece is refreshed and ready for use.


Bamboo is widely celebrated because it is one of the strongest, most renewable resources. It does not require any pesticides or fertilizers during its growth, making bamboo completely free from harsh chemicals.

Bamboo has been trusted for centuries and is often used throughout Asia due to its remarkable strength, which exceeds concrete, wood, brick, and even steel!


Robust and long-wearing, rattan makes an excellent choice for a coffee table. like bamboo, rattan grows impressively fast and can be easily harvested due to how lightweight it is. There are many ways one can work with rattan when manufacturing furniture.

Because rattan is immensely flexible, it can be woven and bent into all sorts of shapes, such as the ancient practice of wicker. Many of our rattan coffee tables have intricately woven features to add a subtle hint of texture to your interior decor.

Upcycled And Recycled Metal

Using salvaged metals, such as steel and iron is to fortify a side table is a tremendous way of reducing waste, and making a new use out of scrap metal. You can expect to discover a variety of sturdy, modern tables during your search for an upcycled/recycled metal item.

Discover Our Top 5 Sustainable Coffee Tables

We have a spectacular range of sustainable coffee tables and side tables at Mojo Boutique. Every single piece has been handmade from natural materials, to ensure you receive a long-lasting item that is 100% chemical free. We have created this list to showcase our top 5 tables within our collection:

  1. Grace

    Functional yet sophisticated, Grace makes a decadent side table that will accompany your sofa with style. This gorgeous item features a glass top, to ensure your beverages won't topple over, and a discreet under-storage compartment, so that you can effectively store your lounge essentials while enjoying the gracefulness this item will bring into your space.

  2. Ella

    If you enjoy some down time by the fireplace, just as much as you do on your patio, then Ella is the coffee table for you! This whimsical piece has been artistically crafted to form a delightful statement that you may enjoy indoors and outdoors.

  3. Birdy

    Minimal and homely, Birdy radiates the very best of purist design. This winsome coffee table is handcrafted out of upcycled teak wood, offering a rich and vibrant appearance.

    Because we use a limited amount of teak wood per piece, you can expect to receive a unique, personalized item that is truly one-of-a-kind. Birdy is additionally available to order in different sizes.

  4. Natura

    Our Natura table are remarkably versatile and can fulfil many uses. This item is available in two sizes which can be paired together or kept on its own. Whether you use your Natura as a flower pot stand, or to rest your mug whilst you relax, we can promise you that this distinctive piece will beautifully cater to your needs.

  5. Hector

    Hector's simplistic design is humble yet charming. At a glance this rattan coffee table may seem minimal, but when you take a closer look you will discover breathtaking texture all thanks to our skilled artisans.

Discover More...

We sincerely hope that this article has enlightened you, and expanded your knowledge of sustainable materials, so that you may discover your dream coffee table.

If you are looking for more furniture created out of eco-friendly materials, we kindly welcome you to browse our entire catalogue of bohemian home furniture and décor, available to shop and pre-order across our site.

All of our pieces are slowly and ethically handmade using a superior range of organic materials, so that we can confidently assure you longevity with your purchase.

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