What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Floors

Investing in new furniture can be overwhelming, especially if you are feeling unsure of where to begin. If you are currently in the process of re-decorating a space with gray flooring, rest-assured as gray is a relatively easy-going and flexible color.

There are many colors that work well with gray flooring, and many ways that you can complement your space. Think of your gray floors as a blank canvas.

We have curated this article to help you identify unique and effective approaches that will elevate your home's interior, and, compliment your gray flooring.

Create Warmth

Gray is on the cooler end of the color scale, and can often leave a space feeling empty and dull, especially dark gray floors. Adding furniture that displays warm tones, in conjunction with your gray flooring, can have uplifting effects on your room, which will enhance the homeliness of your habitat, and facilitate a comforting atmosphere.

5 Effective Ways To Create Warmth

Here are our top 5 effectively warming furniture colors that will cohesively blend with your gray flooring:

  1. Soft Brown and Beige

    You may think that brown furniture is a bad idea, but it can be incredibly sophisticated, offering a gorgeously rich interior. When decorating gray floors, we recommend purchasing furniture that is naturally brown, such as a wooden table or perhaps a leather sofa.

  2. Natural, Rustic Red

    Rustic red furniture can introduce pleasant warming tones into your space. Like brown and beige, red is frequently found throughout nature, specifically in wood. Some beautifully red woods include Mahogany, Teak, and Brazillian Cherry (also known as Jatoba).

    Incorporating red furniture, such as a coffee table, or perhaps a cabinet, is a good starting point for embracing natural red tones.

  3. Burnt Orange

    Burnt orange looks particularly delightful as a sofa, chair, or pouffe. Burnt orange velvet is a particularly fabulous textile, perfect for adding a luxuriously quirky touch of texture to your space.

  4. Dusky Pink

    Gray and pink effortlessly marry together, creating a soft and inviting glow. Adding a pair of pink accent chairs, a side table, or maybe even blinds to your room can transform your space into an idyllic sanctuary.

  5. Mustard

    Mustard graciously fuses with gray (especially dark gray!). If you are looking to be a little more eccentric with your home interior, try adding a mustard bookshelf, or maybe even a day bed, alongside some finer details such as plant pots and pillows.

Add A Bold Statement

Adding a playful pop of color can add character and quirkiness to your living space. Whether you want to go big and buy a bright pink sofa for your living room, or perhaps you would rather take baby steps and introduce a couple of striking throw pillows.

Bright colors will work with any kind of flooring, whether you have light gray floors or dark flooring, it doesn't matter. Adding a hint of vibrancy will give your space that 'wow-factor' you have been seeking. Some marvelous statement colors for gray flooring include electric blue, metallic silver, ochre, and yellow.

In addition to this, a slightly more unconventional way of being bold is to add bright white furniture. However, make sure you do so in a balanced manner as you don't want your home to look too 'clinical'. For instance, if you decide to purchase a white couch, spruce it up with some colorful cushions and throws to create a little separation.

Add Some Delicate Accents

Gray can appear as a fairly mild color and should be adorned accordingly. While bold statements work exceptionally well, especially if you prefer maximalist interior, subtle accents can also go a long way in making your space look complete.

3 Types Of Muted Shades

If you prefer a more natural pallet, and often find yourself navigating towards minimalism, you should look into these 4 muted shades, for a lighter touch.

  1. Sage Green

    You won't have much trouble discovering furniture in this color, as it is widely popular. Not only will sage green seamlessly merge with your gray floor, it will also accompany your plants and any wooden items you have, creating a harmonious interior.

  2. Mauve Taupe

    Mauve Taupe is the synergy between two equally delicate, ethereal colors. It is a very natural shade, often found in flowers, and is situated between violet and pink on the color spectrum.

    Mauve Taupe pairs extremely well with most pastel colors. If you have light gray floors, this muted tone will make a splendid transitional color for your space. Adding soft furnishings such as a rug, bedding, pillows, and so forth, will reinforce a mellow flow of calming energy into your haven.

  3. Sand

    It is easy for a space with gray floors to feel dingy and enclosed. Enlightening your room with sand-colored furniture will provide a refreshed, clean interior aesthetic, leaving you feeling energized and ready for the day.

    Because this shade has yellow undertones, it encourages a coherent circulation of light. Sand is additionally highly versatile and will work with a multitude of different shades.

Understand The Power of Undertones

Understanding your warm undertones from your cool undertones will help you to choose the right complimentary colors and transform your interior into a blended environment.

It is important to be attentive toward existing undertones of your room when choosing furniture. Looking into the subtleties of your flooring, and determining if it looks like a warm gray or if it is cooler, can aid your process of finding shades that will create a melodious color scheme.

Embrace Darker Tones

Adding darker furniture colors will create a soulful environment and a sophisticated level of depth. Dark tones work with an array of different colors, creating both modern and classically stylish aesthetics.

Make sure you don't over-saturate your space with too much dark, as this can make your home looking too monotonous and can restrict natural light. Like neutrals, darker colors can be natural and rustic. For instance, walnut furniture can be charmingly grounding, and facilitate a lusciously smooth ambience.

Our Top 3 Pieces To Accompany Your Gray Flooring

Regardless of whether you have concrete, slate, carpet or tiles, our eco-conscious collection of handcrafted furniture will make a decadent edition to your home's gray flooring.

Here are our top 3 pieces for gray flooring:

  1. Birdy - Wooden Coffee Table

    Birdy is a curvaceous side table, available in two sizes. Our expert artisans have handcrafted this endearing piece out of upcycled teak wood, making it an ideal statement for those who enjoy a subtle contrast.

  2. Mascha - Lounge Chair

    With alluring rattan swirls and a pure white cushion made from organic cotton, Mascha will make a dreamy edition to your oasis. You may enjoy this playful piece both indoors and outdoors, due to its impressive durability.We recommend pairing Mascha with light gray flooring for a graciously pure aesthetic.

  3. Alma - Shelf

    Light and airy, Alma makes a breathtaking edition to any room without enclosing your space. Wondrously crafted out of rattan, this intricate piece will serve your home with practicality and magnificent style.

We hope that this article has inspired your interior ideas, so that you may adorn your gray floors with an interior of furniture that best suits your unique tastes. If you desire further inspiration, we kindly welcome you to explore our most wanted items, here at Mojo Boutique.

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