What Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors

The floor of your home is like a canvas, and your furniture is the art. It is important to choose the correct items to fill your home, to fortify a cohesive, harmonious atmosphere.

Many people believe that dark hardwood floors can appear dull and gloomy, however, there is an abundance of potential with dark wood. Adorning your dark floors with various types of materials and furniture can offer a magical contrast, giving your home that wow-factor.

We have thoughtfully created this article to inspire your mind to open new avenues for your interior décor, to help elevate your living space.

The Benefits Of Having Dark Wood Flooring

Dark wood floors may seem intimidating, but when styled right, can provide your living space with warmth and soul, ultimately transforming your abode into a cozy haven. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the wondrous benefits that dark wood can provide.

  • Easy To Maintain: Dark wood floors are tremendously easy to maintain, unlike light flooring. Due to its deep color, dark wood can absorb light, making it highly unlikely to fade and less susceptible to staining.

    Your home should not be a place of caution. Worrying about staining and damaging your floor is not uncommon, but it shouldn't affect your freedom to relax in your space. Because dark wood has a forgiving nature, it makes the perfect flooring for families with children and pets.

  • Creates A Mesmerizing Contrast: Because dark wood comes in an array of rich tones, it can offer sensational contrast within your space, creating a sophisticated interior. It works especially well with light furniture, neutral walls and fabrics.

  • Invites Warmth And Depth: Reimagining your home with dark wood floors can invite warmth and promote a homely atmosphere. It's easy for a room to feel cavernous with fairer flooring, especially if there is too much light throughout the interior. Dark wood has the opposite effect and can ground an expansive space, making your home feel whole.

  • Impressively Adaptable: If you have dark flooring, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that dark wood is magnificently adaptable.

    Dark wood flooring can be adorned to construct many aesthetics. Whether you prefer the elegance of traditionalism or navigate towards bohemianism, your options are essentially boundless.

Styling Guide For Dark Wood Floors

We have curated this 6 step guide to help you embrace your interior artistry and form a sensational sanctuary.

  1. Incorporate light furniture

    If you are looking to create a striking contrast with your dark floors, we recommend incorporating lighter wood furniture crafted out of bamboo, organic cotton, and rattan for an elegant variation.

    At Mojo Boutique, we have a gorgeous assortment of artisanal light wood furniture, all of which are sustainably handcrafted. If you are in search of light furniture to accompany your dark wood floor, we kindly invite you to discover our collection.

  2. Use Transitional Tones

    The most effective way of ensuring you select the right transitional tones is by creating a pallet of colors in line with your wood flooring. We recommend working from the bottom up, having darker tones nearer to your floor, gradually incorporating lighter shades with height.

    To ensure balance, introduce neutral furniture in between any bold tones. This will establish a melodious blend.

  3. Consider Soft Furnishings

    Adding soft furnishing, such as throw pillows and relaxation chairs, will soften the feel of your room, providing a tranquil atmosphere. If you are seeking a minimal look, you may decide to incorporate soft furniture of a lighter shade. If you want a more rustic, cozy feel, then you should select dark colors.

    We welcome you to discover one of our most comfortable creations, Matilda, a relaxing Papasan chair designed to cocoon you with comfort and add timeless charm to your space. Or perhaps, if you are in search of adding a gentler touch, explore our collection of organic cushions and beddings.

  4. Add Texture

    Adding texture to your interior surroundings can amplify your home's personality and form a compelling disposition that provides comfort through sensory stimulation.

    If you are looking to enliven your space, without clashing against the texture of your hardwood floors, you should familiarize yourself with some natural materials that emanate stunning texture. Here are some of our favourites:

    • Rattan: Furniture made from rattan marries sublimely with the grain of dark wood floors. It encourages a blissful flow of natural light and texture. We adore rattan, at Mojo Boutique, as it is highly durable and sustainable. Shop all of our rattan pieces here.

    • Woven Cane: The artistry of woven cane offers dazzling effects that can make a glorious arrangement when paired with dark woods. We have an abundance of handmade woven cane pieces at Mojo Boutique, available to shop and pre-order.

  5. Introduce Accent Colors

    If you are feeling adventurous, add a pop of color to your dark floors. This will promote vibrancy throughout your entire room and add a playful touch. You can embrace accent colors in a variety of ways. It is important to make sure that the accent colors you select are in line with your color scheme.

    Invite nature into your home by styling your space with colorful plants and flowers. If you need a home for your plant to sit in, shop our boutique for breathtaking, purist plant stands.

    Additionally, you can add silver or gold accents, such as a vintage brass floor lamp, for a glamorous feel. Or perhaps adding colorful cushions to your chairs, sofa and/or bed.

  6. Transform Your Walls

    Just like your flooring, your walls contribute towards a substantial amount of space within your home. To avoid your room from feeling dull and too dark, you may want to consider adding some hanging décor or perhaps a fresh coat of wall paint.

    We stock a beautiful variety of bright and neutral bohemian wall décor, designed to accompany light furniture and complement your dark wood floors.

    If you want to re-paint, it is important to choose colors that suit your existing interior pallet. For instance, if you have a monochromatic taste, and have darker furniture, and wooden flooring, you will probably want to incorporate bright white walls, as a darker shade wall may enclose your space and restrict natural light.

    Whereas if you are steering towards a more rustic feel and have lighter furniture, you may want a richer color for your walls, such as forest green.

Before You Go...

We hope this article has helped you to construct a better idea of how you may style your dark wood floors. If you want further inspiration, we welcome you to explore our full collection of natural, sustainable, handcrafted furniture, designed to delicately match all kinds of interiors.

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