What Is Custom-Made Furniture And How Much Does It Cost?

Custom furniture is meticulously designed to suit your needs and tastes. Many people assume that custom furniture is financially out of reach and opt for mass-produced furniture instead.

However, fast-furniture does not tend to last long and is usually made unethically in sweatshop factories, which contributes to CO2 emissions and the maltreatment of hardworking employees.

Choosing custom-made furniture can reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you are making an economical purchase, which will save you from having to re-buy furniture in the future.

This article will unveil what makes custom furniture worth-while, and how you can find your own one-of-a-kind piece.

The Benefits Of Custom Furniture Making

Having custom furniture created will ensure that your item is specifically designed to fit perfectly into your living space. If you happen to be picky with the furniture you choose to invite into your home, then you should most definitely consider buying your own customized furniture.

The Key Reasons That Make Custom-Made Furniture Better Than Mass-Produced Furniture

From sustainability to longevity, there are many ways that personalized furniture outshines mass-produced items. Here are the key components that make slow-crafted pieces significantly better than fast-furniture:


Choosing to have your own custom furniture made is an investment rather than a simple purchase. Many champion their custom pieces as 'heirloom quality furniture' due to how long-lasting their items are.

This is because an artisan's process of crafting a custom piece of furniture involves slow and precise production, as well as high-quality materials, to ensure your item is built to last with a flawless finish.

We guarantee all of our customers receive an everlasting slowly-made piece that will beautifully adorn their home for many lifetimes. We strictly abide by a 'satisfied or money back' motto as we are endlessly passionate about helping our customers to create a homely sanctuary that fills them with joy.


Mass production contributes to tonnes of pollution, which facilitates global warming. Hand crafting furniture at a steady and perceptive pace will not only ensure longevity, but also reduce any harmful emissions as little to no machinery is used, and waste is kept to a minimum.

At Mojo Boutique, we adhere to sustainability throughout every phase of production to ensure that we craft conscious items that don't have a negative environmental impact. We take full responsibility for any emissions emitted during transportation, and subsequently calculate the amount of CO2 we emit, in order to effectively offset our carbon footprint.

We have additionally utilized our eco-friendly efforts to compensate our emissions, by partnering with South Pole to launch a range of exciting sustainability projects.

Catered To You

Unlike the standard design of commercial furniture, you will have complete free rein to choose from various custom options such as materials, colors, and sometimes even the silhouette. From an ergonomic chair to a dining table big enough for the whole family, custom furniture can be anything you desire.

Our pieces at Mojo Boutique are individually crafted with a subtle personalized touch that reflects the gifted craftsperson who made it. We have thoughtfully designed our furniture minimally, so you may style your purchase to seamlessly fit into your special habitat.

Transparent Production Process

It is important to know where our money goes when we make a purchase. No one wants to discover that they contributed towards unfair practices by funding a company that utilizes sweatshop labour. Unfortunately, it is common for brands to greenwash and mislead consumers into thinking they are making furniture that is ethical and harmless.

Purchasing from independent boutiques who maintain 100% transparency, such as our own, will ensure you can confidently make a guilt-free purchase that will be fairly distributed between employee and employer.

Is Custom Furniture Expensive?

To address this question directly, yes, custom furniture can be relatively expensive. However, you must acknowledge that when you purchase a custom item, you are paying for the expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials used to carefully build it.

Although this type of service tends to be costly, it may actually save you money in the years to come. Because slowly-made products are not rushed and designed with precision, they are highly unlikely to break, whereas mass-produced furniture is built quickly with low-quality materials, making it significantly more susceptible to disintegration.

Opting for custom made furniture will ensure you are investing in a trustworthy piece that will effectively save you from making repeat purchases on a specific item.

How To Source Custom-Made Furniture

There are a few great and easy ways for you to source your own custom-made items. Here are 5 steps to help you discover the perfect personalized furniture:

  1. Decide What You Need

    Before you begin your search, you must figure out what type of furniture it is that you need. To kickstart your search, here are some frequently brought made-to-order furniture items:

    • Sofa

    • Bed Frame

    • Chest of Drawers/Wardrobe

    • Dining Table

    An Important Note: Always take accurate measurements of the space you want to fill so that you purchase the right size.

  2. Understand Your Interior Style

    There are a lot of options to choose from when you shop for custom furniture. To ensure you select a design that best resembles your interior, familiarize with you home's existing aesthetic. Creating a color pallet will help you select the right tones and patterns that coordinate and compliment the colors within your living space.

  3. Set A Realistic Budget

    There may be certain characteristics, such as the fabric or a wood type, that will cost more than you anticipate. Setting a realistic and reasonable budget will help you to limit any unnecessary expenses, to prevent you from overspending.

  4. Choose An Independent Business

    Choosing an independent business, such as Mojo Boutique, will offer you a friendly and honest service. Scouting local artisans within your area is a great way to support your local economy and help a hardworking establishment. You may additionally search online for independent retailers.

Discover Our Delightful Collection of Made-To-Order Furniture

At Mojo Boutique, all of our items are ethically and sustainably made-to-order using natures most resilient materials. Our exclusive collection consists of rustic wood furniture, as well as bohemian rattan and purist bamboo pieces all designed minimally, to ensure every product will harmoniously fit into your unique space.

We stock an irresistible variety of custom pieces suited to your bedroom, lounge space and even your dining room. Our beloved craftspeople are impressively well-versed when it comes to creating stunning bespoke furniture, that will effortlessly match your individual interior style, and serve your home for a life-time.

If you are seeking some inspiration, we kindly welcome you to discover our most wanted pieces, available to shop and pre order across our site.

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