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What kind of a living room would yours be without a coffee table? It’s one of the most crucial elements to any lounge in your home, as it provides a practical space for setting your drinks down, storing snacks and magazines, or resting your feet up. Put simply, no living room is complete without a coffee table.

Chances are, your coffee table will be in the center of your room. Since the piece is basically the star of the show, it’s important to find a design that suits your home’s aesthetic and your personal tastes. But what’s the best way to find good quality living room coffee tables? And how do you ensure a great design without compromising on sustainability?

At Mojo Boutique, we pride ourselves in producing top-of-the-range furniture that’s also responsibly sourced. Our boho minimalist coffee tables are handcrafted from bespoke wood types without damaging the environment. In other words, you can enjoy exquisite wooden coffee tables guilt-free.

Why are our Boho Minimalist Coffee Tables Sustainable?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Mojo Boutique. We want to create a world where luxury furniture doesn’t have to be bad for the environment, which is why all our bespoke products are made using responsibly sourced materials. We pay our workers a fair wage and ensure nothing short of love is imbued into every item we create.

Our skilled artisans are based in Bali and other parts of rural Indonesia, where they use local materials to fashion wonderful items that are sold all over the world. By purchasing an item through Mojo Boutique, you’re not only benefiting yourself, you’re also helping our workers lead safe and fulfilling lives.

And by supporting them and their families, they can continue to make wonderfully unique products like our boho minimalist coffee tables. Our workers can retain their livelihoods and keep using sustainable materials, such as bamboo and coconut shells, to produce one-of-a-kind items you can show off to your friends and family.

How to Choose the Best Boho Furniture

The boho style is all about simplicity. Our boho minimalist coffee tables reflect the modest lives led by the Parisian Bohemians - the founding fathers of the boho style - and add a casual, elegant feel to any living room.

Even though coffee tables are the centerpiece of any living room, you don’t have to go overboard on their design. A wonderfully minimalist piece will still catch the eyes of your guests, especially if it harmonizes with the rest of the room. A boho style coffee table is the perfect way to free your lounge from visual clutter and impress your friends and family.

The key to picking the right boho furniture is to ensure harmony. While most people think this means every item has to match, the fundamentals of boho chic actually allow for a bit of eclectic chaos if you so desire. Industrial materials contrast softwoods, while accented colors provide excellent focal points among muted tones.

Pair your boho minimalist coffee table with other items to create truly unique settings. A low-hanging living room lamp over the table adds a touch of luxury, while a chic lounge chair offers comfort even among an eclectic mix of boho furniture.


Still got some queries regarding coffee tables and the boho style? Check out the frequently asked questions below for some guidance.

What shape of coffee table takes up less space?

If you want to save space in your living room, or at least create a space-saving feel, a rounded coffee table is the perfect choice. Angular designs are often too sharp and awkward, whereas the smooth edges of a round coffee table are ideal for creating harmonious, relaxing spaces.

What is the modern boho style?

Modern boho chic has been adapted from the simplistic, nomadic lifestyles of the original Bohemians in Paris during the mid 19th century. It combines elements of different cultures, such as rattan and macramé, to create an eclectic blend of styles with a casual, harmonious, and elegant aesthetic.


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