Rattan Vs Bamboo: What's The Difference?

Although rattan and bamboo share many similarities, including their rapid growth and strength, they are two entirely different natural materials. Understanding the major differences between these eco-friendly furniture materials will enable you to make an informed decision when choosing the right furniture for your abode.

From deck furniture to bedroom furniture, there's a plethora of wonderful ways these renewable resources are used. In this article, we outline what rattan and bamboo are, and help you understand the major differences between these environmentally friendly materials.

What Is Rattan Furniture?

The rattan plant is a type of climbing palm, also referred to as a 'liana'. This woody vine is commonly found growing in Southeast Asia's tropical forests, reaching up to 100 meters! Rattan has been transformed into furniture for centuries, with the earliest examples of rattan furniture dating back to Ancient Egypt.

Because rattan is incredibly flexible, it's traditionally used to hand weave wicker furniture. Today, there are many remarkable ways that rattan is used to handcraft stunningly intricate furniture, such as chairs and lampshades.

What Is Bamboo Furniture?

Bamboo is an evergreen perennial flowering plant, meaning it grows all year round (evergreen) and lives longer than two years (perennial). Bamboo is among the fastest growing plants in nature, growing 1.5 inches an hour! This means bamboo is remarkably renewable, making it perfect for crafting sustainable furniture.

Bamboo is among the strongest materials in the world, boasting a greater comprehensive strength than wood, bricks, and concrete - it's even compared to steel! As for furniture making, bamboo is perfect and can be used as a raw product. This means no complicated or toxic treating processes necessary.

While many assume bamboo furniture is a relatively new trend, it's actually been prominent since the Late Middle Ages/Early Renaissance period, making bamboo furniture over 600 years old!

From coffee tables to mirror frames, bamboo furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. Because bamboo is extremely robust, it makes a popular option for home furnishings, ensuring sturdy furniture that can reliably withstand the test of time.

The Key Differences Between Rattan & Bamboo Furniture

Although rattan and bamboo share many qualities and are used to create similar furniture items, they do have some key distinctions that set them apart.

By understanding the fundamental differences between these two organic furniture materials, you can better understand which of the two are best suited to your home. Below, we list the major characteristics that set rattan and bamboo furniture apart:

  • Flexibility: Rattan is significantly more flexible than bamboo, making it widely used to hand weave intricate, decorative patterns.
  • Color: Bamboo often displays a deeper, richer color when compared to the soft, neutral hues that emanate from rattan.
  • Strength: Although both materials are incredibly robust, bamboo takes the lead with its durability and overall strength. Due to its strength, bamboo is better suited to outdoor furniture. Although rattan can be used outside, it requires slightly more maintenance to ensure its longevity

5 Ideas for Rattan & Bamboo Furniture

If you're seeking to minimize your carbon footprint by purchasing eco-friendly furniture, then look no further! Every creation sold at Mojo Boutique is both ethically and sustainably handcrafted-to-order.

Mojo Boutique specializes in contemporary boho furniture which combines rattan and bamboo, so you get the best of both worlds in one piece! Every creation is mindfully designed to enliven your home while supporting your wellbeing and overall comfort. To inspire your search for perfect natural furniture, explore our bestselling rattan and bamboo pieces listed below:

  1. Iconic Rustic Wooden Lounge Chair: Marrying a sophisticated bamboo frame with intricate handwoven rattan, this alluring lounge chair offers both functionality and elegance. Pair this delightful creation with your favorite cushions and throw blankets for the ultimate cozy lounging experience.
  2. Handmade Natural Rattan & Raphia Room Divider: Displaying the magnificent artistry of expert artisans, this mesmerizing room divider showcases just how phenomenal handwoven rattan can be. Featuring sacred geometry paneling, this creation radiates enchantment and positivity.
  3. Unique Natural Coffee Table: Purposefully designed for both outdoor and indoor use, this charming rattan coffee table serves many functions. With captivating handwoven rattan patterns, this circular coffee table will add a playful touch of texture and charm to any space in your home.
  4. Storage Trunk & Bench: Boasting a built-in bench and discrete storage compartment, this rich-toned creation offers the utmost functionality. Whether you wish to furnish your little one's bedroom, your living room, or entryway, this unique trunk/bench will effectively declutter your home while uplifting your interior aesthetic.
  5. Intricate Rattan Lampshade: Reminiscent of oceanic coral, this wondrous rattan lampshade is a true spectacle! Purposefully designed to flood your room with warmth, this artistic creation will instantly foster a soothing environment.


Which Is Better: Rattan or Bamboo?

Rattan and bamboo are equally incredible materials, each boasting their own unique qualities. If you're seeking outdoor furniture that's low maintenance, then bamboo is a likely choice. On the other hand, if you wish to enliven your interior with eye-catching texture, then rattan will certainly suffice!

Is Rattan Still Trendy?

Due to its delicate detail and organic hues, rattan is a timelessly elegant material that has remained trendy for centuries! By purchasing rattan furniture, you'll be investing in a long-lasting piece that will never go out of fashion.

Is bamboo better than wood?

There are several reasons that make bamboo superior to wood. The major factors that put bamboo ahead of wood include its strength, sustainability, price, and water resistibility. These factors encourage many shoppers to opt for bamboo instead of wood.

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