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Conscientiously created using both recycled and upcycled bamboo, cane and organic wood, our cabinetry collection offers a fresh and luminous aesthetic that will encourage light and room within your space.  

In line with our ongoing unity with the local craftspeople of Indonesia, our entire cabinetry collection has been mindfully and slowly hand-crafted by our honourable artisans to maintain our ethos of sustainability and promote an ethical practice. 

Our full range combines the simplistic wonder of minimalism with durability so that we can promise you are making a rewarding investment that will timelessly serve your home. 

Why Is Cabinetry Important?

Our bohemian collection of cabinetry offers an adequate level of expansion to your home by logically minimizing the appearance of clutter and disarrangement. Having a clearer space will optimize the functionality of your home, making daily tasks a breeze. 

Here at Mojo Boutique, we recognize how one's space can affect the self, and so we have introspectively designed our cabinetry collection to offer a methodical and naturally calming storage solution, ensuring that your living space is boundless. 

We assure you that your purchase will uplift your home, providing you with serenity, promoting a healthy, energized mind.

How To Incorporate Cabinetry Into Your Home

You can effectively apply our cabinetry to any area of your home that requires some organization. It is common for people to establish a strong foundation of cabinetry in their kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and nursery. We have a variety of cabinetry that will fit any room in your abode, providing you with a tranquil, clutter free space.

Aside from storage, our cabinetry is also a wonderful way to encourage ornamental décor. For instance, our rattan shelves make the perfect adornment piece for your home, providing you with the freedom to add a personalized touch with sentimental trinkets and photographs.

At Mojo Boutique, we have designed our cabinetry range to holistically embrace the neutral tones found throughout nature, and incorporate recycled and upcycled materials that will sustainably elevate your living space and provide a blissful storage solution. We give you our word that your purchase has been delicately handmade to complement your homes aesthetic. 


What Is Cabinetry And Are There Different Types?

Cabinetry is a blanket term for a range of storage items that sufficiently hold domestic objects. Items classified as cabinetry can include shelves, cupboards, lowboards, highboards, sideboards, and many more

At Mojo Boutique, we have a delightful variety of eco-friendly, handcrafted cabinetry items suited to gracefully enhance any home. We kindly invite you to explore our full collection here.

How Do I Choose The Right Type Of Cabinetry?

Searching for the right type of cabinetry that will fit in with your space can be tedious and lead to uncertainty. Thankfully, at Mojo Boutique, we have thoughtfully crafted a beautiful collection of minimalistic, bohemian cabinetry that is both versatile and neutral to ensure that our items will suit all areas of your home. Our full range is available to discover on our site.



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