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We have purposefully designed our tables with self-well-being in mind. Cohesive with our seating collection, our tables are within close range of the ground to promote closeness with our earth and healthier digestion, ensuring you can enjoy a nourishing meal.

We believe a table is not simply for eating, but for bonding with loved ones over food. We have curated a conscious range of tables that promote both physical and spiritual grounding, to allow you to fully embrace your special moments of bonding with friends and family. 

In contrast to mass-produced items offered elsewhere, our beloved team of craftspeople in Indonesia have worked diligently to ensure that the piece you purchase will make a long-lasting, reliable investment to accompany your home. 

Here at Mojo Boutique, we celebrate the ethos of conscious consumerism and coherently use natural, eco-friendly materials and resources that are free of chemicals, meaning our tables are 100% food safe. 

When exploring our collection, you will find that we have handmade all of our pieces using the finest of earth’s natural resources, including both upcycled and recycled wood, rattan, bohemian wicker and raw teak trunk. We have heedfully crafted our entire range to retain the natural beauty of the materials used, in order to embody the rustic essence of mother nature. 

How To Choose The Right Table For Your Space

Deciding upon a table is an exciting opportunity to enhance your living space. Before you invest in our bespoke, eco-friendly tables, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the variety of styles and functions that our items can offer, so that you buy an item that effortlessly fits your needs.

Dining tables are an essential instrument in our lives that evokes us to feed both our souls and each other. Purchasing one of our tables will promote togetherness and ensure comfortability. If you are searching for a place to sit down, converse and eat, then we kindly invite you to discover our full range.

Lounge tables double up as both practical and ornamental pieces. Buying from our collection will enhance the comfort of your lounge area, while magnifying your home’s interior aesthetic. Our coffee tables draw in positive energy, and stimulate conversation, so you and your loved ones can catch up over a warm beverage.  

Bedside tables strengthen the convenience of your resting space, allowing you to keep your essentials nearby while you take some downtime. Buying from our collection of artisanal bedside tables will add a warming bohemian touch to any bedroom, that will seamlessly fit into your space and certainly charm guests.

Dressing tables create an intimate space for you to prepare for the day and practice self-love. If you are looking for a piece that will facilitate your morning routine and help you get ready, we welcome you to discover our collection of delectable dressing tables that we have for sale on our site. 

Desks are the fabric of successful work and often withstand constant utilization. It is important that your purchase can endure excessive usage, while offering inspiration and comfort. Investing in our desks saves you the expense of repeatedly buying replacements. We promise that our collection has been meticulously handmade to ensure both practicality and longevity. 

Bar trollies offer a fashionable and retro staple to your living space. We have designed our entire collection of handcrafted bar trollies to incorporate sustainability, elegance and sturdiness. Buying from our range will ensure you wow your guests, while providing your home with organization and comfortability.

How To Decide Upon A Style That Best Suits You 

Choosing an item that will compliment your space is important to assure your home perfectly reflects your individuality. Our range of sustainable, handmade tables are personalized to gracefully compliment your living area and encourage spiritual wellbeing. 

Like all of our products here at Mojo Boutique, we have passionately designed every single table with versatility and style in mind. By incorporating the timeless beauty of rattan and the organic touch of wicker, we have fortified a collection that holistically embraces purist design, inducing your home with serenity and warmth. 

We treasure the artistry of mother nature, and have subsequently expended every effort to preserve the natural appearance of the organic materials used to craft our items. In doing so, our collection upholds a naturalistic, neutral aesthetic to ensure that your purchase will fit the interior of your living space. 

We therefore promise that your purchase will delicately accompany any area of your choosing, complimenting your space and dynamically accentuating the overall appeal of your home.


How Many Types Of Tables Are There? 

It is believed that there are over 34 variants of tables that exist. At Mojo Boutique, we have a fine selection of tables that make essential staples to daily life. Our trusted craftspeople have meticulously handcrafted every product using the strongest natural materials, to ensure your purchase will become a lifelong investment. 

What Makes A Good Table?

A good table involves durability and attractiveness. Ideally, you want a table that displays little wear despite prolonged usage. Our collection of tables aren't just good, they are exceptional. Purchasing our items will ensure that you receive a stunning item, that is consciously handcrafted using the highest quality of recycled and upcycled materials to ensure longevity.


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