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Living Room 

Discover breathtaking ethically crafted furniture for your living room at Mojo Boutique. Invite our multifunctional bohemian designs into your sacred space to create a cozy living room that will emanate restoration and serenity. 

Our living room furniture is specially crafted to transform your space into an irresistible oasis where you and your loved ones can lazy around and unwind. From rustic hand woven lounge chairs to contemporary rattan coffee tables, we have an assortment of stunning and unique pieces that will enhance your haven. 

How To Illuminate Your Living Room With Artisanal Boho Furniture

Welcoming handmade bohemian furniture into your lounge area can uplift and compliment your home’s interior layout. By choosing our naturalistic designs you can encourage positivity and light into your lounge area while embracing the ambient essence of mother nature. 

Each piece at Mojo Boutique is slowly created using Earth’s purest offerings, to ensure you can accessorize your living room with beautifully versatile items that won’t pollute your home’s environment. 

For the utmost solace and tranquility, surrender to our pacifying sofas which are thoughtfully customized with organic cotton and natural wood. Or perhaps, if you wish to embrace your playful side, get swept away by our blissful swinging chairs, which are crafted to effortlessly cocoon you with comfort. 

Declutter your abode and display your precious possessions with our quirky and charming rattan shelves, designed to transform your space into a gallery that reflects your unique character. 

For the final touches, refresh your space with lush greenery supported by our delightful plant stands, which are conscientiously crafted to encircle your verdure with elegance. 

Our bohemian furniture and decor embodies the subtle art of minimal design, meaning our items will undoubtedly fit into any room, regardless of your existing interior style, and will effortlessly serve your home for many lifetimes. 

How To Find Sustainable Living Room Furniture

At Mojo Boutique, sustainable living room furniture is easy to come by. Our entire range of items across our site adhere to eco-conscious and ethical production practices, to ensure we preserve our Earth’s natural environment. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, which is why every material used is 100% natural and responsibly sourced. 

From repurposed teak wood to mindfully grown bamboo, we only use natural resources to craft our precious pieces. In place of toxic chemical compounds, such as formaldehyde, we use raw coconut oil to cure each item, so your order has a natural glow that won’t disrupt the purity and safety of your home’s environment. 

Our passion for eco-consumerism extends beyond our materials. To ensure our beloved craftspeople in Indonesia are supported during every stage of their creative processes, we maintain a close and transparent relationship with every artisan. This means no subcontracting and no inhumane workshops. 

To control waste, we reject short-lived trends that inevitably die out and ensure each item at Mojo Boutique is handcrafted-to-order. This means every product is created in small and controlled batches to reduce unnecessary pollution and maintain a manageable work environment for our crafters. 

Rather than deeming our items as a purchase, we value them as investments that will transcend from generation to generation, collecting sentimental value overtime. Because our products are slowly crafted using robust natural materials, you can confidently trust that your order will reliably serve your home for many years to come.

What Are The Best Natural Materials For Living Room Furniture? 

There is an abundance of spectacular materials throughout nature which deliver exquisite beauty and versatility. One of our favorite materials for living room furniture is rattan. Rattan is a tropical vine-like plant that can be hand-woven into mesmerizing designs, adding a delicate hint of texture to your lounge area. 

The purity of unbleached organic cotton will add softness to your space, swaddling you with easement and coziness. If you desire a vibrant touch of warmth, upcycled teak wood will certainly suffice. We repurpose old furniture, such as tables and cabinets, to rebirth this rich wood as an entirely brand new item. In coherence with our zero chemical ethos, we strip all polishes from old teak wood items, to ensure your item arrives refreshed and 100% toxin-free.FAQ

What Pieces of Furniture Should Be in a Living Room? 

Living rooms typically consist of lounge chairs/sofas, side tables/coffee tables, ottomans/footstools and cabinets. Having a balance of storage, decorative and seating items will ensure you fortify a living room that is both functional and relaxing. 

How Do I Match Furniture in My Living Room? 

An easy way to ensure your furniture matches is by selecting neutral tones that harmoniously pair with all kinds of colors and textures. Our bohemian items embrace the subtlety of purist design to ensure your home’s existing style is not disturbed. . 


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