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Boho is a stunningly timeless interior aesthetic which has remained loved by many homeowners and interior designers for decades. At Mojo Boutique, we believe a home is more than just a place, but a feeling too, which is why we embrace the warming and inviting energy provoked by boho design.  

Whether you are seeking bedroom, living room, or dining room, our selection of sustainably handcrafted boho pieces can transform any room in your home into a blissful oasis. Welcoming our sensational selection of boho-chic creations into your home will flood your space with positivity and elegance. Discover our complete collection today!

What is Boho Furniture? 

Boho is an earthy and free-spirited interior aesthetic which combines a variety of natural materials, organic colors, and textures to form an eclectic artistic expression. 

This wonderful form of interior design is believed to have become particularly popular in 19th century Paris, and shortly after became widely favored by other parts of central Europe. During the 1960s and 1970s, boho design underwent a psychedelic transformation, adopting playful geometric shapes and funky patterns.   

Today, boho design comes in a variety of beautiful forms, including traditional boho, 70s boho, boho-chic, and modern boho. Our collection of boho furniture comprises several design characteristics including purism and ancient hand weavings, such as wicker. This means our creations are one-of-a-kind, allowing you to welcome boho furniture into your abode that’s as unique as you are!

How We Create Our Boho-Chic Furniture

At Mojo Boutique, we are passionate about preserving our Earth’s environment and providing you with stunning, long-lasting furniture. We have subsequently exerted every effort to ensure all our methods are both ethical and eco-friendly. 

When sourcing natural materials for our boho furniture, such as rattan and bamboo, we work closely with harvesters to ensure naturally grown materials are both organic and responsibly harvested. This means no pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used to grow our materials, and that plants are not prematurely cut, ensuring they can regrow for future harvesting. 

We additionally salvage perfectly useful materials from being scrapped. For instance, much of our boho furniture is crafted from upcycled teak wood, which has been reclaimed from old boats, wardrobes, flooring, and so forth. This not only keeps materials in rotation, preventing waste, but also provides beautiful materials with a new life and purpose. 

Once our materials are ready to be transformed into boho furniture our expert artisans apply their artistry to create your precious order. We work closely with our creators to maintain an honest and transparent relationship, while also ensuring their happiness. 

Unlike mainstream furniture brands, we don’t engage in any shady subcontracting, nor do we overwork or underpay our craftspeople. 

Instead, our team works in a safe environment, producing each creation on a made-to-order basis. This not only provides our artisans with a healthy work/life balance, but also ensures your order has been created with the utmost care and attention. You may discover more about our ethics and sustainability ethos here

How To Create The Perfect Boho Home with Our Selection of Furniture

We have purposefully designed collections of boho furniture that’s suited to every room in your home. If you are looking to add some boho-chic pazazz to your bedroom can explore our delectable selection of bedside tables and hand woven headboards

If you wish to embrace the boho aesthetic in your dining room, we recommend you browse our curated variety of bespoke dining chairs and purist dining tables. Alternatively, if you want to create a restorative boho living room, you can discover our abundant selection of cozy boho lounge chairs and stylish yet functional coffee tables

Perhaps you want to introduce your little ones to some boho beauty! Our complete range of boho kids furniture is suited to both toddlers and children. 


Is Boho Furniture Still in Style in 2023?

Despite rising in popularity during the 19th century, boho furniture is still very much in style and has undergone significant stylistic transformations during recent years. From maximalist boho to contemporary boho, there are many modern forms of boho interior suited to all kinds of trends and aesthetics. 

What Colors Are Considered Boho? 

Authentic boho furniture typically consists of natural, earthy tones which emanate from organic materials, such as wood, rattan, bamboo, and so forth. It is additionally common for many boho homes to feature accent colors, such as mustard yellow, burnt orange, and emerald green.

What Are the Design Elements of Boho?

There are many design components that combine to create a beautiful boho interior. The most common design elements of boho interior include: 

  • Organic furniture (such as rattan and wood)
  • Lots of verdant greenery 
  • Layered rugs
  • Soft and natural lighting
  • Woven textures (such as macrame and wicker) 
  • Colorful pillows and throw blankets

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